About Honey Lake Advisors

Hi, I’m Rob.

I created Honey Lake Advisors because I see two big needs out there for today’s Christian family.

First, Americans – Christian and otherwise – need solid, unbiased, client-focused financial advice. The statistics are clear on this. We don’t have nearly enough saved up for retirement. Our kids are drowning in student loan debt trying to get a college education. And too many families suffer the stress of living paycheck-to-paycheck, regardless of how much money they are making.

Secondly, today’s Christian family needs financial advice that is rooted in Scripture. The Bible has a LOT to say about money. There are over 2,000 Bible verses related to money. Jesus talked about it. Shouldn’t we be paying attention to how God wants us to steward the resources He has entrusted to us?

You can address both of these challenges with the right guidance. I bring to the table the technical skills you need to plan for all your family’s major goals. But more than that, I’m here to help you steward your financial resources in a way that’s aligned with Scripture.

No matter how much you earn – whether it’s $50,000 a year or $500,000 – your family has a role to play in expanding God’s Kingdom. Let me show you how to leverage the resources He has entrusted to you for the good of your family and for His Kingdom.

Watch Video: Financial Planning With A Kingdom-First Approach

Fee-only Financial Planning

I have an understandable fee structure that is spelled out clearly at the beginning of every relationship. No sales, no commissions, no hidden tricks. I only get paid what you agree to pay me.

Fiduciary Standard

I am bound to put your best interests ahead of mine at all times. I know…novel concept, right? But there are a lot of advisors out there that don’t have a fiduciary duty to you.


HLA is owned by me, not a larger financial group. Because I’m independent, I don’t have quotas to sell you expensive proprietary products. My duty is to you, the client, not a big company.

Do you only work with Christians?

No. I work with people from all walks of life. My desire is to work with Christian families searching for their role in God’s Kingdom work. But if you have a generous spirit and desire to impact the communities around you then we may be a good fit.

What makes you different than other advisors?

I think I have a unique blend of technical skills and real-world experience, including making mistakes with my own money. I know it’s hard to reach out to someone for help with your money. I’ve been there. My job is to let you know you’re not alone and that I’ve experienced the same feelings that you may be experiencing.

How many times would we meet?

When I am working with a client for the first time, we will have as many meetings as it takes to get your plan developed. After that, my goal is to meet with clients at least 1-2 times a year to keep the plan fresh and up-to-date. But as your advisor, I’m always on-call for you whenever you have questions or if you want more regular updates. 

How long would our relationship last?

As long as you want. I prefer clients who are interested in ongoing financial planning. Meaning, we are working together for many years. Life changes and your financial plan will need continual updating and refinement. I’m very interested to see the fruits of your long-term planning success!

What if I didn't want to work with you anymore?

You can cancel at any time. Officially you have to give me 30 days notice, but I have no interest in locking you into a relationship you don’t want to be in. This isn’t like a gym membership, that’s easy to get into and impossible to get out of. If you no longer want to work with me, then you’re free to leave.

What's your long-term vision for Honey Lake Advisors?

I want to create something truly unique with HLA: making high-quality financial advice accessible to as many people as possible. I also want HLA to be a leader in the Christian community, finding new ways to connect generous Christians with opportunities to fund projects that expand the reach of the Gospel.

We need to start teaching kids money skills at an early age. It’s not being done now and is one of the key reasons why so many adults struggle with money. My goal is for HLA to lead the charge in getting these programs established in the community.

Finally, I want to make high-quality financial advice available to underserved communities. My wife is from Guatemala, and I’d love to create a division of HLA that is dedicated to serving the Hispanic community.

All of this will require building a team of like-minded individuals at HLA. I’d love for the team to be as diverse as possible so that we can reach and relate to as many people as possible.

Do you work locally or virtually?

Both. I’m based in Barrington, Illinois, and will meet face-to-face with clients in the greater Chicagoland area. I’m also willing and able to work on a virtual basis with anyone across the U.S.

What should I know about the financial planning process?

In the beginning, it’s work. I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. We need to get all your financial information organized and in one place. We need to sit down and discuss your goals. And then we have to put your plan into action. This requires open lines of communication between us. Once your plan is up and running, I promise it gets easier!

What would you want from me, the client?

All I really want from any client is their active participation in the planning process. If I need something from you, you’re responsive in getting it to me. I also ask that you be teachable. Success often comes from learning new habits and doing things differently than you may have done in the past.

What can I do to make the planning process easier?

Embrace technology. My desire is to deliver high-quality advice to as many people as I can. But to do that, I need to leverage as many efficiencies as I can. Having clients that are comfortable using online technologies, video conferencing, and other tools will allow me to deliver the most value to you.

What credentials do you have?

I am a Certified Financial Planner. CFP®, for short. I am also a CFA Charterholder – Chartered Financial Analyst. This is a designation that many professionals will get when they are in the business of handling client investments. Prior to opening HLA, I was an equity analyst for 20 years, analyzing companies and making investment recommendations for large clients, such as pension funds and endowments.

Where did the name Honey Lake come from?

Honey Lake is a small lake in North Barrington, Illinois, next to the Biltmore Country Club. It’s also the name of the street I live on. The bird you see in my logo is a Sandhill crane, which is common in our area. In fact, we have a pair of sandhill cranes that hang out at our house during the summer!

Outside the Office:

My wife Glenda and I have four children ranging from age 24 to 11. Our oldest daughter recently married and our son is off to college for the 2018-2019 school year. Raising a family and giving each kid the attention they deserve isn’t easy but we are grateful to God to have kids that love Jesus and have servant’s hearts.

In our spare time, we enjoy serving in our local church and hosting friends and family at our home. Glenda is from Guatemala, so we take the opportunity each year to go down to visit friends and family and explore different parts of the country, which is beautiful with all the volcanoes and nature it has.

My passion outside of work is trying to become a decent cook, particularly smoking barbeque. I’m hoping to take my BBQ skills to the next level by competing in local competitions after taking 4th place in Beef Brisket in my first comp in 2015!


Phone: 224-633-9290
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431 North Hough Street, Suite 100 in Barrington, IL
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Serving clients in local communities, such as Arlington Heights, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, and the Greater Chicagoland Area. We also provide virtual services to clients nationwide.